The widespread usage of mobile applications in business has raised a lot of opinions whether app development is a necessity or not. In the first article we are going to analyse false beliefs that company owners and marketing leaders have to come up with in order to make decisions about mobile app development for their business.   

Myth 1: “Mobile app is advertising”

It is wrong, that's why both sides suffer — the developers who sell app this way and the customers who have wrong expectations and do not use it for its intended purpose. Mobile app for business is a tool for retaining existing customers and increasing their repeated orders. Compare your development strategy with the opportunities that mobile application gives. Development of the tool is just the first step. What's more important is to apply it correctly and avoid driving nails with a saxophone. Mobile application is a powerful resource for people who understand its purpose.

Myth 2: “It is expensive and long”

Yes, but only if we are talking about very complex or innovative projects that require the involvement of large IT companies. Developers who specialize only in mobile applications for business will implement the client's wishes in a few weeks on the basis of the already developed projects. Moreover, many developers offer partial monthly payments starting from $60 per month and the client won’t have to pay the full fee at once. It makes this technology available even for small businesses.

Myths 3: “Difficult to manage the app”

The process of mobile app development is evolving at the same speed as the development of sites. It becomes much easier to create and manage site content, using different platforms and templates. Modern app management systems make it easy for any PC user to add text and media content, edit or generate it to send push notifications to customers. Still, there's always tech support available for the clients and it's usually included in the app price.

Myth 4: “There is no need to develop an app if you have a mobile site and groups in social networks”

These resources are for different target audience and they aren’t interchangeable. Each client chooses the way to get information and solve the pressing issues. Most people check their phone in the morning before turning on computer. Besides, smartphone is a very personal thing that’s why a user prefers apps to websites. Get more information about your target audience. Make sure you are in the mobile segment so that customers can contact you there when they need your services.

Myth 5: “My business is too small for own mobile app”

Perhaps it’s true if you live in a perfect world without competition, but in reality individual business fights for a place in the sun.

It costs 2-3 times more to attract a new customer than to retain the old one, and it’s 7 times more expensive to return the dissatisfied customer. As for service sector the main source of future prosperity is the base of loyal customers and their recommendations. The main purpose of the app is customer loyalty. To cap it all, if you decide to develop mobile app for your business, you choose the least expensive way.

In the following articles we will have a closer look at mobile app advantages in different business areas taking for the case already implemented projects and ways to promote them among customers. Follow our posts.