Let's take a closer look what features and options make apps more effective.


1. Make the app a personal guest guide about hotel and surrounding areas:




2. Make the application your personal virtual concierge

Surprise your guest with an option to plan an a-la-carte restaurant visit via app in the language of choice without reception call, taking into account all the wishes and even menu pre-order. Breakfast in the room, convenient time to play tennis or smart alarm will differentiate your hotel from others. Built-in option of staff chat will help to specify the order details if needed. An option of evaluation the service provided will make the process of virtual order finished.



3. Make the app a pass for guests to the world of loyalty and relevant information

No matter how beneficial your loyalty system is, do not forget about the factor of time and convenience mentioned above. Once a client personal account is registered, a system of discounts or bonuses is already linked to the profile. Get rid of cards and codes when booking hotel rooms via app. When the client books the hotel again, he/she will certainly do it via the app.


The guest, loyal to the hotel and satisfied with the app functioning, will not delete it from the device and won't object to push notifications on news and special offers.


Thinking about your own hotel app development, put yourself in the position of your guest, as we are all travellers. When the app becomes a truly valuable companion and adviser with a careful attitude to the guest time, you will see that it can be an effective tool for you.